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The Lab

We focus on Experience
We love: science, creativity, design, and art
If you believe that Experience is at the heart of it all
You are in the right place
We are the ExperienceLab

We are an enthusiastic team of psychologists who are passionate about the study of human experience, at theoretical, methodological, and applied level.

At the theoretical level, we are interested in shedding light on the complexity of experience and its role in fostering personal change.

Signature works at this level include, for example:

  • Transformative Experience Design – A conceptual framework that leads the foundation of the design of experiences that support positive personal change
  • Networked Flow – A model of group creativity that proposes creativity as a network process, which has at its heart the optimal experience of group flow
  • Positive Technology – A framework for designing positive digital experiences that integrate interaction design and positive psychology

At the methodological level, we focus on defining new approaches for measuring and evaluating experience, using a broad spectrum of approaches, instruments, and technologies.

Signature works at this level include, for example:

At the applied level, we develop strategies, methods, and tools to design engaging experiences that improve people’s lives and help organizations reach their objectives. We look forward to collaborating with you to explore the frontiers of human experience!

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