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Metaverse Lab

In the #postcovid world there is the need to rethink the relationship between digital and physical reality: when being physically together is become a challenge and sometimes a danger, it is necessary to find new solutions to meet and work together.

We at ExperienceLab are the first international blended laboratory in the world, using a platform such as AltSpaceVR as a new extension of our research team.

AltSpaceVR was launched in 2015 and it is of the most prominent current social VR platforms in the world for hanging out with people and enjoying virtual events. It can be used with or without a Virtual Reality device, allowing people to meet and work in a virtual space where #socialpresence is enhanced.

Our goal is to take advantage of its virtuous psychological and social characteristics by planning a number of scientific activities and events in the upcoming months. The number of possibilities are infinite, and we as #pioneers want to explore all of them: professional training, virtual experiments, lectures and meetings are only some of them.

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