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Cyber-creativity in Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Gaggioli speaks at the “Artificial Intelligence” conference for the State Police to reflect on cyber-creativity (May 16th 2023).


Guest Edited by Alice Chirico , PhD and Andrea Gaggioli , PhD

🚀 Exciting news! The special issue on Virtual Emotions has been published in CyberPsychology & Behavior, the leading journal on technology and psychology!

🔓 All articles are free to read until May 15th, so don’t miss out!

💡 The articles in this special issue explore the nature of virtual emotions and provide valuable insights for applications in fields like communication, education/training, and mental well-being.

ISSCI Symposium

Prof. Andrea Gaggioli presented ISSCI Symposium on Thursday, May 25, 2023. The International Society for the Study of Creativity and Innovation (ISSCI) responds to the need for scientific, cross-disciplinary and cross-national creativity and innovation research that addresses real world challenges.

La natura che cura: Quali benefici nascono dal rapporto con la natura?

La Prof. Chirico e la Prof. Eleonora Maggioni descrivono con estrema chiarezza quale sia il collegamento tra natura e benessere: scoprendo quanti passi avanti sta facendo la ricerca per dare basi solide alla sensazione di well-being una volta che si è immersi nella natura.

Workshop “Unanticipated and Unintended Consequences of Service Robots in the Frontline”

Lo scorso 15 settembre abbiamo presentato un nostro lavoro in ambito marketing presso il workshop online “Unanticipated and Unintended Consequences of Service Robots in the Frontline“. In questo seminario diversi autori, tra cui il nostro collaboratore Carsten Schultz, hanno presentato le loro ricerche relative a come l’utilizzo dei robot nei servizi in prima linea può creare effetti indesiderati (positivi o negativi) sull’esperienza del cliente, sull’esperienza dei dipendenti del servizio e sulla qualità generale del servizio.

Con la nostra ricerca abbiamo voluto dare spazio all’importanza delle emozioni elicitate al momento di un primo incontro con un robot che manifesta diversi tipi di comportamenti durante l’osservazione di un item (fase che precede l’acquisto).

L’incontro tra diverse discipline (Psicologia e Marketing nel nostro caso) può portare a uno scambio di idee, intuizioni e considerazioni che ha effetti positivi nella ricerca applicata.

I CONGRESSO INTERNAZIONALE Società Internazionale di Psicologia Online (SIPSIOL)

Oggi Alice Chirico, ricercatrice e docente dell’Università Cattolica, presenterà le attività del nostro ExperienceLab. È un onore e un piacere poter partecipare ad un congresso sulle tecnologie positive e il cambiamento psicologico.

Best Paper Award 2022 della rivista Nutrients

Oggi (26/09/2022) il gruppo di ricerca dell’ExperienceLab riceve un premio ambitissimo come Best Paper Award 2022 della rivista Nutrients per l’articolo “Effects of COVID-19 Home Confinement on Eating Behaviour and Physical Activity: Results of the ECLB-COVID19 International Online Survey”. Questo studio si è distinto per originalità e significatività scientifica dell’argomento trattato: in un mondo che ha dovuto affrontare una crisi pandemica, ci si chiede quali siano gli effetti devastanti nel corpo e nella mente.

Alice Chirico, giovane ricercatrice dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano scrive con estrema eleganza, precisione e unicità di uno degli artisti più controversi e geniali del nostro secolo: Salvador Dalì.

Scoprilo sulla Repubblica,
solo il MESE DI LUGLIO: News

“Defining Transformative Experiences: A Conceptual Analysis”

Marta Pizzolante, Phd candidate of Catholic University of Sacred-Heart of Milan

I’ve always wondered what was the engine of an entire human existence, what drove people to want to constantly change, to search for a meaning behind the veil of Maya. Research attracted me also to try to answer these existential doubts and this time, after a bit of a struggle – and I am at the beginning of this journey – it also began to miraculously give me some answers.
This is our first work on Frontiers in Psychology which aims at systematizing, for the first time, the various natures of a transformative experience, namely, that type of experience that, in the life of each individual creates a fracture, transforming us deeply from within and changing our existences forever.

The concept of transformative experience (TE) has been widely explored by several disciplines from philosophy to neurobiology, and in different domains, from the spiritual to the educational one. This attitude has engendered heterogeneous models to explain this phenomenon. However, a consistent and clear understanding of this construct remains elusive. The aim of this work is to provide an initial comprehensive interdisciplinary, cross-domain, up-to-date, and integrated overview on the concept of TEs.

Presentation of Master User Experience Psychology (June 22, 18:00)

ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT for registering to the presentation of the third edition of the International Master in User Experience Psychology, which will take place June 22, 18.00 CEST both in presence and online Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore #UX

Phygital, la rivoluzione silenziosa (2022)

The ExperienceLab team participated at conference that on Thursday, June 9, brought together on the Milan campus of the Catholic University, in a (precisely) hybrid way, some experts in new technologies and change that these produce with surprising speed. Full Professor Andrea Gaggioli talked about the fact that the use of new technologies is not free from risks and psychological problems.

SMAU 2021

The ExperienceLab team participated at the annual fair SMAU in Milan: this trade exposition allows the meeting between companies and local authorities and the dialogue on issues concerning technologies for companies and innovation of production means. The team brought research experiences in the area of VR and the study of complex emotions in work systems.

MIC Conference Talk

Andrea Gaggioli gave a talk titled “Methodological issues in Transformative Experience Design” at the symposium on “Possibility Studies” organized by Dr. Vlad Glaveanu at the MIC Conference 2021

Possibility Studies Network: a focus on Transformative Experience Design.

On May 10th, Professor Andrea Gaggioli participated in the 1st International Conference on Possibility Studies proposing a talk on Transformative Experience Design, touching on topics such as phygital ecosystems, awe as a transformative emotion and virtual reality.

Watch the video and comment with your thoughts about it!

La profonda meraviglia. La psicologia dei momenti di eternità

Awe is a complex and fascinating emotion, but only in recent years it has been considered by the scientific community for its transformative potential: it elevates us, connects us with each other and with the world, allowing us to overcome our individual boundaries. Moreover, awe promotes creativity and physical and mental health. “La profonda meraviglia” is the last book written by our lab director Andrea Gaggioli and by our co-director Alice Chirico. The book is a collection of reflections and new point of views on this fascinating area of research, to which our lab has dedicated numerous studies in recent years, having had the privilege of collaborating with the leading international experts on this topic. The book comes out on March 1st.

Reserve your copy.

Perspectives for Digital Social Innovation to Reshape the European Welfare Systems

Covid-19 has profoundly changed our habits and prospectives. Its impact on everyday life has made clear the need for rethinking our idea of society and reality. Digital social innovation (DSI) can play a key role in this transformative process, by allowing citizens and communities to collaborate using open technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs.  This book addresses the potential and implications of DSI for the reform of the European welfare state. Our lab director Andrea Gaggioli and his collaborators Fabrizio Davide and Gianluca Misuraca propose with their new upcoming book “Perspectives for Digital Social Innovation to Reshape the European Welfare Systems” (february 2021) an in-depth analysis of the potential of Digital Social Innovation for the reform of the European welfare state, addressing issues such as the nature of social innovation and its effects, the role of digital thinking and open technologies in promoting societal change, and barriers to adoption.

You can reserve a copy here.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our lab director Andrea Gaggioli and our team. This has been a tough year: Covid-19 impacted our lives and changed our habits. Nevertheless, Experience Lab was born, spreading science and research all over the world. Our Christmas wishes for a better next year:

A Musical Merry Christmas

Music is a powerful tool. It gives us energy, joy of life and strenght even in the most difficult times. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and its music club want to wish us a Merry Christmas with a little help from music:

SPECIAL 20° UX Talk – Beyond User Research (ZOOM Edition)

Il ventesimo appuntamento di UX Talk, organizzato dalla Experience Design Academy di, si terrà in formato remoto su Zoom il 19 novembre 2020, e si discuterà della possibilità di combinare metodologie di psicologia e di design per nuovi scenari progettuali e esperienze più soddisfacenti. Fra i moderatori sarà presente il nostro direttore di laboratorio professor Andrea Gaggioli, e fra gli ospiti numerosi professionisti del settore. Se interessati, iscrivetevi qui:

Kick-off of the Search & Rescue Project

Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR operations

The Kick-Off of the H2020 Search & Rescue (S&R) project officially took place on 21-22 July 2020. The meeting, which took place remotely and gathered 85 registered participants from 28 organisations across Europe, gave S&R partners the opportunity to meet and present their work plan for the initial phase of the project.

About Search & Rescue

Both man-made and natural disasters such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks can result in people being trapped under debris and collapsed structures. In these critical situations, a timely and effective response is crucial and can prevent or significantly reduce the risk of casualties. This is why First responders and rescue teams need to be equipped with cutting edge tools and specialised instrumentations in order to enhance their capabilities, namely in terms of accuracy, quick localization, and reduction of false alarms.

The S&R project will design, implement and test through a series of large scale pilot scenarios a highly interoperable open architecture platform for first responders enhancing their decision making and providing a dynamic common operational picture of the crisis. The S&R platform will allow to easily incorporate next generation solutions and equipment and can be split into the following categories:

Front-End equipment systems and collection tools, which are mainly based on technologies employed in the crisis scenarios in order to acquire relevant and sensible information in real time (e.g. sensors, drones, rescue robots, smart glasses smart uniforms, first aid for kids’ device characterized by the usage of innovative textile materials, first aid devices, and masks).

Data Fusion and Mediation Systems, which will fuse the information coming from those heterogeneous sources and will provide a more detailed and accurate situational\context awareness to the decision makers and to the command centres.

Back-End applications, services and portals, which will provide decision support capabilities to crisis stakeholders. The platform will be equipped with heterogeneous autonomous assets and sensors that provide various sources of data, indoor positioning and extensions of communications efficiently by employing swarming behaviours.

Stay tuned and follow the development of this ambitious project!


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882897


Giovedì 16 Luglio alle 11.00 io e Venanzio Arquilla presenteremo il Master in User Experience Psychology ai Digital Open Days del Milano. Un appuntamento imperdibile per chi come noi crede che la #userexperience sia il futuro dell’innovazione. Se sei interessata/o a iscriverti al Master, non perderti l’evento: condivideremo delle SUPER news riguardo alle partnerships & scholarships! Registrati qui:

Speech: Cognitive Robotics

Friday 3 July 2020

10:00-11:00 ExperienceLabTalks. Invited speech of Dr. Alessandra Sciutti from “Italian Institute of Technology” on human-robot interaction and UX in robotics

stay tuned for more updates


Friday 3 July 2020

Meeting between the Experience Lab and the Secondary School Opportunity teachers, to define the intervention contents of the Prometheus project.

stay tuned for more updates

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